Our Mission

Scholarships and assistance


The FRF financially supports a Scholarship Fund and an Assistance Fund. The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships on an annual basis to Reconnaissance Marines and Sailors and their families.

Scholarship recipients are selected by a scholarship committee comprised of three members of the FRF Board of Directors. Applicants are required to complete and submit a scholarship application package that includes: academic transcripts, work and community service history, personal essay describing why the scholarship is being requested, and finally, three letters of recommendation.

The Assistance Fund is utilized to provide financial assistance to causes and projects serving the Reconnaissance Community and in cases of financial hardship. These charitable causes include bereavement support for fallen Reconnaissance Marines and Sailors and their families; financial aid for medical support; financial aid for Recon memorials and recognition; and financial support to the active duty Recon community such as supporting the annual Marine Recon Challenge. All requests for assistance are vetted on a case by case basis and all gifts/donations are determined and approved by the Board of Directors.